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Self-Review Tool for research engagement in schools and education providers


Self-Review Tool

Welcome. This free tool from NFER shows you how to use evidence and enquiry to make a difference in your school or college. Once you have reviewed how research-engaged your school or college is against eight key statements, the tool generates a personalised chart and report and then signposts key resources to help you move forwards.

About the tool

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Quick review

Review how engaged in research you believe your school or college is. Use the Quick review to see how it works, then set up an account for your school or college to do the free Full review.

Full review

To access more features and save your results, complete the Full review. This allows you to see changes over time. By asking all your staff to use the school/college login, you get the full picture. This service is free to use and once logged in, takes the same time as a Quick review.